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Extra 12.5% Finaflex Stimul8 not worth GNC’s significantly higher price

Extra 12.5% Finaflex Stimul8 not worth GNC's significantly higher price

As they’ve done with numerous brands before, whether it be for pre-workouts or pill products like fat burners, GNC have got another exclusive size available. Finaflex, who don’t actually have anything else listed on the store’s website, have put together a bonus size supplement for the retail giant. The product that’s received the special attention is the brand’s energizing formula Stimul8, which usually comes in a 40 serving tub with two tastes to choose from, tropical storm and apple blast. While GNC have only got the one option with the slightly more common one of the two tropical blast, fans who do buy from the store will get an extra five servings. The extra 12.5% doesn’t exactly justify the exclusive supplement’s price compared to other Finaflex stockists, as it sits at $36.99 or $34.99 with a Gold Card, roughly $10 more than some of the cheapest out there. If you don’t mind paying a little more per serving or are some sort of Finaflex collector than by all means head on over to GNC, otherwise you may want to just continue buying your Stimul8 wherever you usually do.

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