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Fuel:One’s mistitled pre-workout not the 6th Gear we were hoping for

Fuel:One's mistitled pre-workout not the 6th Gear we were hoping for

Fuel:One is a new company that arrived last year and is now on sale at GNC. In our first look at the brand we were introduced to a handful of supplements all set to hit the industry’s most popular categories. Examples of the first round products included 1:1 protein to carbohydrate concoction Complex-1, the amino cocktail BCAA Armor and the fat burner Thermo Stack. Soon after Fuel:One launched, the range was actually added to welcoming in slightly more unique formulas such as the phosphatidic acid muscle builder Phospha Build, and Micellar Whey Build a protein powder with the power of whey at the speed of casein. Following on from the release of Fuel:One we managed to get a hold of quite a few of the brand’s supplements, which we’ve finally got a review of one today. The product we’re going to go over is 6th Gear, Fuel:One’s relatively straightforward and quite possibly mistitled pre-workout.

In all honesty looking at the formula of Fuel:One’s 6th Gear we didn’t really expect too much. Like with most supplements the brand behind it did talk highly of the energizer, so we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and run the product over a number of weeks, rounding out with back to back competitor comparisons to gauge its performance. While Fuel:One weren’t wrong in saying that 6th Gear is effective, we also weren’t wrong in expecting as little as we did. The pre-workout does perform with a range of effects that we will go over, however like most companies will find and something we continue to touch on in reviews. These days brands do need to bring a lot more than just an effective supplement. With the category being as competitive as it is, and top formulas coming out almost every one or two months, you definitely need a solid effort to even stand out.

On most occasions with pre-workouts you look out for the energy to kick in first. It acts like a wake up call, sounding the sirens and letting you know it’s almost time to work out. 6th Gear unfortunately, whether it’s because the energy is a little more on the subtle side, is without that starting gun. There won’t be a time where you feel it slowly or moderately coming over you, as the product’s energy is not overly noticeable or at least that’s what we found when comparing it to the many more stimulating giants we ran 6th Gear with back to back. The point where you’re likely to pick on the supplement’s energizing power is when you start lifting. Once you get into the swing of things, it is then when you’ll notice the extra bit of energy, that acts more like an accomplice to the performance aspect of 6th Gear. It is a very mild effect, although one that has enough strength to take you from tired or not overly motivated, to wanting to get in the gym and work out.

As mentioned the energy more or less amplifies the power of the product’s intensity, which for us is the time between sets, that with most top pre-workouts shortens without any real loss in ability to perform. It is the intensity that comes into effect a lot more noticeably, taking over the light hit of energy you’ll be feeling five or ten minutes after taking the supplement. When the two highlights collide you end up with an experience that’s not as non-stop or action packed as others we’ve come across, but still very much enjoyable. While 6th Gear doesn’t reward users with that on-top feeling or mood. It will encourage you to perform that way providing you with the right amount of energy to hit each and every set confidently, as well as a solid amount of intensity that will have you moving from set to set quickly and comfortably. Despite being a much more concentrated formula, or a product relying on lighter ingredients, 6th Gear actually has a lot more in common with the heavier pre-workouts out there. The experience is somewhat similar or similarly balanced to the likes of BSN’s N.O. Xplode, Stoppani’s Pre Jym or Muscle Element’s PreCre. We do however feel the only reason it appears that way is because it lacks greatly in the energy department, an area concentrated supplements almost always do well.

On top of 6th Gear’s energy and performance enhancing intensity, Fuel:One do promote two more things for their pre-workout. The usual suspects pump and focus are said to be a part of the product, although after using it on more than enough occasions, and in workouts that encourage the best of pumps when dedicated pump supplements are reviewed. We have to say 6th Gear is not one we’d count on for focus or pump. There could be a case made for focus, however due to it being in an amount that you could probably create yourself just by sitting down for five or ten minutes and getting your head straight. It’s not an effect we feel is worth arguing about whether it came from the product or manufactured from your own focused thoughts. As for the pump, it is very much the same as 6th Gear’s focus. The argument could be made that pump is in the mix, but again it’s not in an amount that will necessarily have you blaming the supplement. The dense focused type effect is what it mildly offers, the same kind of natural pump you’re likely to have experienced when forgetting about how much you’re lifting, and repping until you can’t do anymore.

In the end Fuel:One’s 6th Gear isn’t exactly a product we would rate highly, although it is one we can imagine a lot of people liking. There is a big difference between top rated pre-workouts offering good amounts of energy, focus, pump and/or performance, and supplements that deliver on two effects that simplify the whole thing. There are no doubt people who don’t want a lot going on when working out, which makes the pairing of effects like energy and intensity a simple collaboration one may enjoy. 6th Gear packs enough of a punch to get you off the couch and into the gym, where it will then deliver a solid dose of intensity to power you through your workout. While neither of the effects are half as impressive as seen in some of the best in the business. As mentioned there is something to be said about the smooth, self produced like pairing of energy and intensity. Basically if you’re looking to up your game with something to give you that extra edge, Fuel:One’s 6th Gear isn’t really for you. Alternatively if you’re after just an edge or something to get you through, then you may appreciate the brand’s comfortable performance producer.

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