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GNC launch introduces a total of seven, Fuel:One finally arrives with more still to come

Fuel:One launch with seven supplements at GNC

Fuel:One the brand that has been built up quite nicely over the past few months, and one that we have supplements in review for at the moment. Has finally found it’s way on to shelves here in the US. The line of products that was put together with the help of the team behind Muscletech, has hit GNC with a total of seven different formulas. While that number is less than the amount of supplements Fuel:One had promised pre-release, the difference is actually even greater as of that seven only four are from the brand’s original group of eight. The products on sale at GNC are Mass Build, CreaPro3, 6th Gear and ThermoStack, all from Fuel:One’s preview. The other three are PhosphaBuild, Isolate Build and the caseinless Micellar Whey Build. It is of course not a bad thing that the brand have surprised us all with a few extra supplements, as it does leave Complex-1, Whey Build, BCAA Armor and Vita Boost still to come.

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