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More creatine for Gear’s R3 Series along with a six supplement basic line

More creatine for Gear's R3 Series along with a six supplement basic line

The latest news coming from Gear does a little more than confirm a whole lot of new products. Before today the brand were already standing with a handful of coming soon supplements such as their protein powder GPro and the R3 formulas CreaG and Chained. Gear have now confirmed joining that group is Cre HCl and Hydro Cre, another two presumably creatine products labeled with the same design as the R3 Series. Also thrown in to the picture are six slightly simpler looking and titled supplements with L-Carnitine, CLA, Yohimbine HCl, Fish Oil, Beta Alanine and Agmatine Sulfate. In total that adds eight more items to Gear’s coming soon list, a number that wouldn’t worry us as much if it were in relation to the likes of Muscletech or Optimum, brands we’ve seen deliver lines that long. Unfortunately we are talking about Gear who didn’t exactly have the smoothest start in the industry, debuting at the Olympia then not having anything on sale for more than half a year. To add to the whole story the brand are still in the middle of getting their website together, which is counting down for a second time to midnight this Sunday. Basically as exciting as the coming of the now four formula R3 Series is, and what looks to be a basic line from Gear, we’re not going to be getting our hopes up for any of the products just yet. We’ll wait until we see at least one or two of the supplements from either of the series, before believing the brand have actually got 10 lined up.

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