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Countdown keeping track of how far Gear missed their mark

Countdown keeping of track of how far Gear missed their mark

Over the years we have seen some pretty awful attempts at countdowns, whether brands miss their marks by a day, week or month. Sometimes a date or rough idea of when it’s all due to go down isn’t even given, but still noticeable when it’s been a relatively long time. With all that said something we have never seen before is a brand keep track of their poor timing or at least make it public. That is exactly what Gear have done as on Wednesday night their new website was promised to be online at midnight Eastern time. Not only did they miss that deadline, but their site is now keeping track of far off they are. Currently the brand’s countdown is in reverse, plus a day, at the moment sitting on minus two days and eight hours, also including minutes and seconds. Regardless of whether or not they are actually near completing their online update, the backwards countdown has to be a little embarrassing. As mentioned we’ve seen brands miss before, some by as much as a few months, never however have we seen someone publicly measure how far off they are. Feel free to check out the counter at, as the brand head into a weekend that could see fans without an official place to go for more information.

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