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MAN’s long awaited Lean Ph.D finally arrives with 4 deals to choose from

MAN's long awaited Lean Ph.D finally arrives with 4 deals to choose from

MAN Sport’s highly anticipated fat burner is finally here, launching with yet another one of the brand’s 1%er deals. With the arrival of Lean Ph.D the supplement’s formula has also finally been revealed, confirming 11 different ingredients to help deliver on MAN’s promise of energy, focus appetite control and general weight loss. Of the 11, 10 have been allocated to a proprietary blend weighing in at 690mg, leaving the caffeine out on its own at 100mg per serving. As for the contents list of Lean Ph.D’s blend, the product packs a star studded line up of fat burning features with the likes of ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine), higenamine, grains of paradise. Coleus forskohlii, and the interesting inclusion of BioBumin, an ingredient you may remember from EST’s preview of their bio-active formula Myo-Pep. Being that MAN have just launched Lean Ph.D through their insider group, that does mean the supplement is now on sale with a few packages to choose from. You can purchase the product by itself for $49.99, pick it up with ISO-Amino or Yohimbine HCl for $69.99 or $54.99, or grab two full bottles and save $10. All of the deals come with free worldwide shipping which should encourage fans to pick up more than just Lean Ph.D, especially those located outside of the US.

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