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Superbowl XLIX promotion gets fan 52% off Muscle Elements direct

Superbowl XLIX promotion saving you 52% on Muscle Elements

After an extremely tight game going right down to the last 30 seconds, where we and no doubt a lot of other fans were left wondering why the ball didn’t go to Beast Mode. Superbowl XLIX was won by the New England Patriots with a final score of 28 to 24. The numbers added together come to a total of 52, which for Muscle Elements fans means a little more than half price on any of the brand’s supplements. It was early last week that Muscle Element’s confirmed the promotion, promising a discount equal to that of the combined scores of the Superbowl. With the points adding up to 52, when using the coupon code “SUPERBOWL49” on the brand’s website you will get 52% off, with a limit of four of each product. The sale drops formulas like the mega dose pre-workout PreCre and our number one amino AmiNO Flow down to $26.39, the Truth protein powder to $33.59, and the fat burners 212 and LeanWorks to $23.99 and $25.44. The savings are made even better when purchasing one of Muscle Element’s stacks, but do keep in mind you will need to act fast as the coupon for the 24 hour promotion is due to expire at midnight tonight.

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