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Gainz featuring at least 3 doses identical to Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore pre-workout

Gainz featuring at least 3 doses identical to Muscle Pharm's Hardcore pre-workout

While it has been all Wreckage and Diesel lately for Muscle Pharm’s upcoming Hardcore Series, that’s purely because those are the only two we have exact details on. Despite all the attention and information coming in on the two, we haven’t forgotten about the brand’s more awesomely titled post-workout Gainz. Unfortunately we don’t have a complete formula to confirm, but do have enough to highlight main ingredients and areas of the supplement. Surprisingly the three most important features of the product actually all appear to compliment Muscle Pharm’s Wreckage. Starting with the biggest Gainz packs 6g of 4:1:1 BCAAs the same amount of leucine as the pre-workout, 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine providing you with a total of 3.6g if stacked with the Hardcore energizer, and an identical dose of creatine HCl at 2g. Other ingredients in the mix include 3g of glutamine, another Wreckage seen feature with 5mg of BioPerine black pepper, and a yet to be detailed hydration blend or ingredient. As mentioned we don’t have the official facts panel of Muscle Pharm’s Gainz so there could be more in the mix. However based on the numbers we do know of totaling 13g and the supplement’s serving size of 14.6g, there isn’t much room for more heavily dosed features.

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