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Even closer look at Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series Wreckage points at DAA

Even closer look at Muscle Pharm's Hardcore Series Wreckage points at DAA

On Friday Muscle Pharm uploaded a closer look at one of the three new supplements in their upcoming Hardcore Series. The product we were able to confirm some details for wasn’t the protein powder Diesel or the post-workout Gainz, but the pre-workout formula Wreckage. The two numbers on the front that were 100% clear are 6g of citrulline malate and 4g the BCAA leucine. The mystery highlights that didn’t have enough clarity to make out were the one on the left and the 3g dose on the right. Today we’ve got an even closer look at Muscle Pharm’s Wreckage revealing exactly what one of those facts is and give us a very good idea on the other. The detail we can confirm from the left is “no proprietary blends”, something we actually found out last Sunday. As for the mystery 3g dose, we can’t quite see the whole highlight, we can however see the letters “D-A” and what we believe to be the word “Acid”. Those in the know or have used supplements from month to month, will know there is really only one ingredient that matches those clues, d-aspartic acid. At 3g the number fits the bill, and if proves to be correct. Would in fact put Wreckage on the path of other testosterone infused pre-workouts we’ve seen recently such as Lecheek’s Speed X3 Test and MAN’s PepTest Bulk.

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