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Arnold still a possibility for Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series March launch

Arnold still a possibility for Muscle Pharm's Hardcore Series March launch

Muscle Pharm have finally confirmed a rough time frame for when we will be seeing their upcoming Hardcore Series. We do already know what is in each of the supplements, as the brand have been kind enough to drop each and every detail for the formulas, more so since the products are transparently dosed. Diesel will be the line’s protein powder, and strangely enough Muscle Pharm’s fourth mainstream entry into the category. Wreckage will be the Pre Jym like pre-workout of the group, and the awesomely titled Gainz the Hardcore Series post-workout. We got our first look at the three just over a month ago and are now expected to be able to purchase the supplements in anywhere from two to six weeks time. Word is March will be when Muscle Pharm are dropping the Hardcore Series, with the launch of course going through the line’s exclusive retailer While the confirmation does let us know when we can grab the products, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a presence at an event such as the Arnold. The upcoming expo does fall into the month of March where Muscle Pharm will as always have a lot of attention on them, and where we can only hope we’ll be able to get our first taste of the Hardcore Series.

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