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Two versions of Muscle Pharm’s Energy Sport RTD due April 1st

Two versions of Muscle Pharm's Energy Sport RTD due April 1st

As detailed as our post on Muscle Pharm’s premixed supplement Energy Sport Zero was just a few hours ago, a lot more information has now come in. It turns out citrus edge Energy Sport Zero is one of five ready-to-drink formulas the Athlete’s Company have lined up, with two more flavors of the Zero variant and two regular options. Joining citrus edge on the Energy Sport Zero menu is power punch and onxy cherry. As for the other products standing next to the Energy Sport Zeros without Zero attached to their name, their list of tastes stops at two with electric lime and original. While we don’t have any official details on what separates the supplements aside from their flavors and titles. It would be good to assume Energy Sport Zero lives up to its name by featuring zero calories and/or carbohydrates and sugar. If that is the case then the zero-less Energy Sport would ideally be one with calories and/or carbohydrates and sugar. The launch date on the extremely interesting and seemingly very real next line of products from Muscle Pharm is still the same at April 1st, exactly five weeks from today. As exciting as the premixed formulas are, the MP Nation may not want to forget the Hardcore Series is still set to arrive sometime next month, making it an extremely busy two months for the Athlete’s Company.

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