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Pro 100 hopefully a little better than Mutant’s promo clip is convincing

Pro 100 hopefully a little better than Mutant's promo clip is convincing

Mutant fans located in the brand’s home country of Canada can now get their hands on the new protein powder Pro 100. Details on the supplement only just surfaced last week, where we saw Mutant list both a large and rather interesting mix of flavors for the product. To kick things off the protein is already available at Supplement Source and SVN Canada, two places where you can get a 2lb for $37.95 or the double size 4lb for $59.95. Like most of Mutant’s launches they have put together their own little direct deal, although it won’t see you save anything on Pro 100 itself. The offer is buy the brand’s custom shaker for $9.99, and you will get two samples of the new supplement free. As good as that may sound, unfortunately you don’t get to choose the flavor of the sample as it is just rich chocolate milk on offer, despite there being six others on Pro 100’s menu. For those fans that aren’t as convinced on the latest from Mutant, the brand have also uploaded a video going over the highlights of the product. We do feel the clip is a bit infomercial like, and does seem as if the lines are being read not spoken, but either way it touches on some Pro 100 points and things you may not be used to seeing Mutant do.

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