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Neogenix Neurosurge 3.0 balanced enough to compete with the best

Neogenix Neurosurge 3.0 balanced enough to compete with the best

As we have said time and time again, you can’t always judge a book by its cover which on the topic of supplements we mean judge a product by its formula. We’ve seen some of the simplest supplements prove to be some of the best, whether it be because of their doses, unique combination of ingredients or something else entirely. Today we’ve got a review that kind of fits that description, with the Neogenix pre-workout Neurosurge 3.0. Fortunately for us this is our first taste of the brand, one that without saying too much encourages us to try more products of theirs. Despite featuring just a small simple combination of six main ingredients, we can tell you now that there is a lot more to Neurosurge than meets the eye. The formula’s doses are all quite good, although even when that’s taken into consideration the pre-workout over delivers.

One of the things we always look for in pre-workouts isn’t necessarily each of the common performance effects, but the balance of them all. When a supplement manages to combine the power of things like energy, pump and intensity, the mix doesn’t always turn out to be positive. Some products will have too much of one highlight, overshadowing one or two of the others and creating an experience that’s not as ranged as some of the best in the business. There are of course the ones that get everything at the right amount, perfectly powering you through a workout and pushing you to new limits. The reason we bring up balance here today for Neogenix Neurosurge is purely because it is one of those few supplements that features enough of each effect to become your new favorite pre-workout.

Starting off with energy, this is probably one of the things products in the category do best and Neurosurge more than delivers on. Like most of the enjoyable formulas the supplement doesn’t overstimulate you in the beginning, instead it slowly increases your energy levels making sure you’ve got everything you need to perform. Throughout your workout you’ll find the smoothness of the energy stays consistent right from start to finish as it doesn’t really climax or dip down at any point during a 45 to 60 minute session. The most important fact about the energy, and this may have something to do with the other effects in Neurosurge, is that it doesn’t really get drained. The product is one of those pre-workouts where the energy is so strong that once you’ve finished a set, after about 30 or so seconds you’ll feel ready to do another. Usually when we see an effect like this we refer to it as intensity, where you’ll destroy yourself in a set then feel ready to go after a much shorter rest period. What makes it so different in Neurosurge is that you don’t really get exhausted no matter how much you push yourself. The muscles will hurt, the body ache and your reps will slow, however you won’t find yourself as exhausted as you would pushing your limits on other pre-workouts. It’s not like you’ll have a new found endurance and still have your breath, your body just keeps moving and won’t be stopping due to low amounts of fuel.

The next major highlight of Neurosurge isn’t intensity, the effect that usually goes hand in hand with energy. While we didn’t notice too much of the performance enhancing effect if any at all, mainly thanks to the supplement’s energy offering an alternative way to keep the body going. It is in fact focus that adds to the experience, with just enough to noticeably compliment the consistent dose of energy. Much like the first effect we touched on, Neurosurge’s focus doesn’t kick in as strong as we have seen in competitors. Don’t expect to get the tunnel vision or thought clearing excitement you may have seen in others soon after you’ve taken them, although you can count on the product keeping your head in the game during your workout. In most pre-workouts with focus as a highlight you’ll feel the effect working it’s magic as early on as the energy. Neurosurge goes against that common experience creeping its way in at a pace that you won’t really see it coming until you realize it’s more than just energy altering your performance. After about 10 to 20 minutes of activity you’ll find that no matter what else is going on in the gym, your attention is 100% on your next set, the amount of reps you’re going to go beyond and how driven you are to get going. At times you will have trouble trying to figure out whether the supplement is all energy, all focus, or a combination of both. However that’s likely only going to be a thought for about three seconds, as the powerful drive the two effects force upon you will ensure your mind doesn’t drift too far from the task at hand.

As mentioned in the beginning one of the most important things in a pre-workout is balance, as you don’t want energy drowning out a product’s intensity, pump, focus or vice versa. In the case of Neurosurge it features a balance that will have you getting an all round experience. This is further proven with the supplement’s third and equally impressive effect, the always enjoyable pump. Despite already having a lot going in the pre-workout with the energy consistently fueling each and every set and the focus making sure you keep your intense non-stop state of mind. Neurosurge’s pump has no problem weaving its way in between the two highlights at an amount you will have no choice but to notice. The effect doesn’t quite compare to the results you’ll find with some of the dedicated pump pre-workouts out there, however it does have a bit of swole factor guaranteeing that the body part you’re working won’t feel the same size when you’re done. Neurosurge has that ability to blow up your muscle of interest, something you probably can’t blame on just the product’s pump. It is in formula’s like this one that the energy and focus work so well with the pump, that they essentially amplify it. The more effort and reps you force on yourself the better and more rewarding a pump is, so it’s no surprise that with the added drive and fuel Neurosurge offers the unnatural pump is enhanced even more.

When a brand tends to deliver on three effects like Neogenix have in their pre-workout, sometimes it is worth highlighting what’s missing. On this occasion we can’t really say the supplement is missing much of anything. If it had anymore of something else, whether it be more energy or an increase in intensity, we can’t help but think it would throw the whole performance off. With that in mind we did discover a little something by seeing how far Neurosurge could go. Bare in mind we do not recommend this, nor does the brand as they direct a maximum serving of one scoop. Basically thanks to Neogenix transparently dosing their pre-workout you do know exactly what is in the product, so you can gauge it against your limits and what you prefer. At 300mg of caffeine if you were someone who was more used to say 400mg you could bump it up if the increase in the other ingredients seemed okay to you. For us taking the supplement up to 400mg of caffeine (1.3 scoops) only enhanced the experience in every area possible, as the other features were so well balanced nothing became more dominant or overpowering. Our review above is based on the recommended single scoop, although if you want a short description of what it’s like with a fraction more, just imagine going one level up on all effects.

After discovering the balance of Neurosurge 3.0, we were quite sure right from the first scoop that the Neogenix pre-workout was going to be one for the books. It packs three of the most important effects, energy, focus and pump, combining for a unique experience that leaves out the common performance enhancing intensity to create something rather different. The product packs everything you need to be pushed past what you’re used to, as well as highlights such as focus and pump to make your workout that more enjoyable. The balance of the effects is almost trumped by Neurosurge’s balance of ingredients, as despite it not being recommended the transparency of the pre-workout and its contents do leave plenty of room for safely going up to a heaped scoop. The fact that the supplement is such a smooth all rounder even when taken at a bigger dose, is as mentioned what makes it so effective and extremely competitive. Due to the Neogenix concoction’s wide variety of highlights it actually has more than enough power to get right up in the mix with some of the best on the market. The pre-workout confidentially scratches at the heels of equally balanced top rated formulas such as American Muscle’s Warpath, Performax Lab’s HyperMax, and to some extent the great ANS Ritual.

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