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Iovate’s Appedex and Appetite Control followed by Purely Inspired’s simpler Appiless

Iovate's Appedex and Appetite Control followed by Purely Inspired's simpler Appiless

When Muscletech’s spin off brand Hydroxycut showed up with an appetite control supplement, simply titled Appetite Control, which was followed by Muscletech’s same category SX-7 Series Appedex. We figured it was only a matter of time before we saw another Iovate brand show up with an appetite solution. Much like the theme of gummy formulas, the appetite pattern has in fact been carried through to Purely Inspired and their new product Appiless. As big a difference as there was from Muscletech’s Appedex to Hydroxycut’s Appetite Control, with the latter featuring five less main ingredients. Purely Inspired’s Appiless goes one lower again, calling on the same two features seen in the others with a 3,715mg blend of kelp fiber and the trademarked Appethyl spinach leaf extract. For those interested in the latest from Purely Inspired, you won’t actually be able to find Appiless everywhere the brand is usually sold. Purely Inspired are promoting this one as an exclusive to Sam’s Club, where you can pick up the supplement in its one berry fusion smoothie 21 day size for $24.98.

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