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Sweden’s Gym Grossisten gets two custom exclusively colored SmartShakes

Sweden's Gym Grossisten gets two custom exclusively colored SmartShakes

Smartshake’s last two teased releases saw a rather anticlimactic unveiling of the brand’s redesigned Signature Series, and another not so exciting launch of color number nine for Smartshake with Xmas red. For the innovative company’s latest product they’ve decided to not hype it up in anyway, although seeing as it isn’t necessarily their release it may not have been their choice. Smartshake have put together two new colors for their flagship compartment shaker, both of which are exclusive to one of the brand’s stockists. The place to go to get a hold of the special edition coral and/or turquoise shakers is Gym Grossisten, a store located in the same country as the Swedish born Smartshake. While the two new shaker colors are listed separately on the retailer’s website, they’re not charging anything extra for the pair setting their value the same as the regular 600ml Smartshakers. Seeing as they are exclusive, it’s not just coral and turquoise’s colors that make them unique as Gym Grossisten have also had their logo and details printed on the cup. For those in the area and interested, head on over to the store’s website where the shakers are not in stock and ready to ship.

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