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Stoppani shares his opinion on Muscle Pharm’s use of DAA in Wreckage

Stoppani shares his opinion on Muscle Pharm's use of DAA in Wreckage

If you caught our post the other day on Muscle Pharm’s Wreckage and how 70% of its main ingredients were from Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym. You may have followed along on Twitter where fans as well as Stoppani himself shared their thoughts. Basically it was Pre Jym that started the transparency trend, with the idea of showing consumers exactly what you get not being a thing until Stoppani did it. Well dosed ingredients were also not that big of a thing until the supplement came along, which has since inspired a few other formulas. Whether or not Wreckage is one of those inspired products we’ll probably never know, Stoppani however has released a video coincidentally touching on some concernings things relating to Muscle Pharm’s upcoming pre-workout. If the title of the YouTube clip doesn’t quite get the message across, then its bracketed title will “Formulation problems of future pre-workouts (d-aspartic acid)”. While Stoppani doesn’t once mention Muscle Pharm or Wreckage, it really is the only supplement he can be hinting at as he shares his disgust and dislike in formulas featuring testosterone boosting. Much like us, we’d prefer our muscle building ingredients on their own as not only is it something we don’t feel is necessary in a pre-workout, but in a dedicated product you are a lot more likely to get results. You can find the video on Stoppani’s YouTube channel, and do make sure you watch the whole thing as it is both entertaining and interesting especially if you’re connecting it to Muscle Pharm’s Wreckage.