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More 10,000 reviews expected to be pulled due to Supplement Review’s policy change

More 10,000 reviews expected to be pulled due to Supplement Review's policy change

Supplement Reviews made a rather interesting announcement today that both current and future followers will probably need to know. Previously reviews posted to the website would just go straight online and if any trouble surfaced later the team would then sort something out then. Today Supplement Reviews have confirmed a change in their policy that will see all reviews go through an approval team before being published on the site. The process is actually fueled by more than 50 of the websites most trustworthy members, where if three of them feel a review is okay it will get posted although if three go the other way, it won’t make it out. The reason behind the major move is best summarized in Supplement Review’s line, “This new approval process will help guide new reviewers into becoming great reviewers, and will also help weed out anyone who is not actually interested in becoming a valuable part of our community”. The team have posted the official announcement on their site where you will also see their promise of applying the approval program to all existing reviews. At the moment they’re on around 20,000, of which they expect to see more than half taken down and sent back to the authors for edits.

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