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Hardcore Preworkout turns Xenadrine’s bright blue fat burner into the first Core formula

Hardcore Preworkout turns Xenadrine's bright blue fat burner into the first Core formula

Last year Xenadrine launched a supplement simply titled Core, a hardcore thermogenic formula. The product was more than just a new addition to the brand’s growing line, as it saw them go in a different direction packaging wise using a cylinder bottle with a beautiful chrome blue and orange text. Initially we assumed it was a one off release, much like most spin offs from other companies. We now know that is not the case, or at least the case anymore as Core actually seems to be a new direction or series for Xenadrine. An image from the brand has surfaced featuring the Core name once again, although it is teamed up with the title Hardcore Preworkout. When you compare that to the original bright blue Xenadrine Core supplement, you can see that the brand are in fact putting together a line with the first one despite what we originally thought officially being named Hardcore Thermogenic. No doubt the idea of a pre-workout from Xenadrine is exciting, although there are a few other things in the picture that make the story even more interesting. As you can see instead of Xenadrine, Hardcore Preworkout features a logo for Xencore, someone or something we don’t quite know too much about just yet. With the Arnold coming up in eight days time we do hope to get more information on the product, and details about what is now looking like a Core series.

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