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4D Attitude packing a maximum serving of 40g

4D Nutrition Attitude

4D Attitude is the next new supplement coming from the usually straight forward brand, which was first spotted earlier this month. Today we have an update on the product for you, bringing a little more information on the supplement itself as well as a much clearer look at it. We already knew 4D’s Attitude featured 30 servings per tub, which when worked out per serving based on the product’s tub weight you’re looking at a rather massive 20g scoop. Some of the features and doses we now know make up that scoop include 2.5g of BCAAs, 3g citrulline malate, 3g beta alanine, 2g NO3-T betaine nitrate and 1.5g of creatine with no form officially confirmed. Other ingredients we don’t know the exact numbers for that will also be in Attitude are the patented ElevATP, chocamine, agmatine sulfate and grape seed. There is likely going to be a few more in the mix, not because the current list is in anyway short, but because 4D do have a 20g scoop size leaving plenty of room for more features. For those that feel 20g would be too much to take down, Attitude is in fact right up there with the likes of PreCre and NO Xplode as that 20g can be doubled along with the doses mentioned due to the supplement having a two scoop maximum. Launch of 4D Attitude has still yet to be confirmed, although as more and more details come in it seems we are building towards something coming very soon.

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