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Updated Aminoade shows off Hybrid’s more modern look


First it was a pixelated teaser image from Hybrid Nutrition that gave fans a blurry sneak peek at what direction the brand would be going in for their new look. Hybrid followed that up with a full shot of the pre-workout Endo Fuel in a modern black and blue style label, showing off their greatly improved branding. Today we have another look at one of Hybrid’s products transformed from black and red to black and blue with their amino cocktail Aminoade. The supplement is not to be confused with EST’s amino of a similar name Aminoaid, or UPS Protein’s identically named Aminoade, which will probably be less of an issue when Hybrid release their rebranded Aminaode. If it wasn’t already expressed just how good the brand’s updated labels are, then we are happy to do it again. Compared to their current look Hybrid have done an incredibly good job modernizing their design, and even though the previewed images are renders, the improved layout of information and smooth transition to black and blue make for a very appealing label. Like Endo Fuel the brand aren’t going to be changing anything for the redesigned Aminoade, only altering its appearance to fit in with what the rest of the line will eventually look like. We still don’t have any idea on when Hybrid will be launching their next generation, but like most fans we definitely won’t mind if there are a few more equally good-looking teasers to carry us through the wait.

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