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AMPilean Black designed for Lecheek fans not after the lighter touch of AMPilean Pink

Lecheek AMPilean Black

Last week we unveiled Lecheek Nutrition’s female formulated version of their AMP citrate era fat burner AMPilean Pink, also stating that there was a second version of the supplement yet to be revealed. Today we have the reveal on that one with the kind of product we expected to see based on the original AMPilean’s reputation, with the slightly stronger titled AMPilean Black. No doubt the supplement is going to be more powerful than the Pink edition, likely to be packing a whole different set of stimulants. As for what ingredients Lecheek have used to further separate AMPilean Black from Pink we don’t yet know, although you could probably draw some ideas from the brand’s similar situation with their pre-workouts Hottie and Speed X3. Launch on today’s product is in the same boat as Pink was on Friday, just coming soon, with the facts panels for both hopefully up next letting us all know what we’re in for.

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