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IG-One makes things even more interesting for Dedicated and May

Dedicated Nutrition IG-One

How ever Tuesday’s news left you after hearing that Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable, our number one pre-workout, is going to be reformulated. You’ll be happy to hear that trying to improve on the almost perfect supplement isn’t all the brand will be doing over the next couple of months. As it turns out in May Dedicated will be extremely busy promising to drop four rebranded reformulations and three entirely new products. The items due to be updated are the alpha male formula Dominate, the mutli-vitamin supplement Pack, pump product Vaso Grow and lastly Epic, Dedicated’s stimulant free pre-workout/creatine. As for the three entirely new items, two are going to be supplements the brand have mentioned before, the mass gainer Gainz and the joint support formula Joint. The third is where things get interesting or at least that’s what the product’s title suggests, with its official name being IG-One. While we would like to take a guess, knowing how creative Dedicated can be and that they’re mostly a European brand, they could be going in a number of directions with this one. As mentioned May is the month all of this is going down with a total of seven new supplements expected to arrive.

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