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Dedicated Nutrition dropping Ampheta-Tea for Unstoppable 2.0

Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable 2.0

Dedicated Nutrition the makers of our #1 pre-workout Unstoppable, are hoping to do the one thing almost every other brand has failed to do. It has been confirmed that our favorite formula from the originally European only brand is going under the knife. The high octane energy, pump packed, intensity filled and focused fueled Unstoppable is going to be reformulated for all areas, and have one of its main ingredients removed. The one feature we know of that’s going to be dropped is Ampheta-Tea, Dedicated’s trademarked version of Chinese white tea from which the controversial AMP citrate (4-amino-2-methylpentane) is sourced. While we don’t know the extent of the brand’s modifications outside of the loss of Ampheta-Tea, it is going to be difficult to improve on their hit supplement. As high as our hopes are that Dedicated carry on the Unstoppable legacy, we have never seen a brand take things any further once their product “breaks out”. There is no word on when Unstoppable 2.0 will be making its way out, but rest assured we’ll get a bottle as soon as we can to see if Dedicated does enough to hold on to their #1 spot.

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