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Muscle Pharm’s Energy Sports hit Muscle & Strength at a much better price

Muscle Pharm Energy Sport

While it was A1 Supplements that officially launched Muscle Pharm’s new energy drink Energy Sport Zero, as well as their Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Muscle Bar. They did originally only drop Energy Sport Zero not the sugar packed Energy Sport, and did only have two of Zero’s three flavors available. This week as expected a lot of other Muscle Pharm stockists have now got the products including Muscle & Strength, who have released the entire collection. The store have got all three Muscle Bars, all three Energy Sport Zeros, and unlike A1 both of the regular Energy Sports, original and electric lime. Another thing that makes the Muscle & Strength launch a little better is the price on the Energy Sports, as while the Muscle Bars are the same at $30 a box the energy drinks are almost 20% cheaper. The stores price on a dozen Energy Sports regular or zero is just $21.97, a big difference compared to last week’s $26.95. More locations will of course start showing up with stock over the next few weeks, which is still surprising since we have yet to hit or even come close Muscle Pharm’s April 1st release date.

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