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A1 Supplements launch Muscle Pharm’s latest 12 days early

Muscle Pharm Muscle Bar Energy Sport Zero

Muscle Pharm did say they would be launching their Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Muscle Bar and Energy Sports on the first day of next month, April 1st. Based on all of their past releases we did however mention that it was likely the supplements would arrive before that date, just as we saw the brand’s Hardcore Series do a few days early over the weekend. While it is usually who are responsible for dropping Muscle Pharm’s products early, this time around it is surprisingly someone else. A1 Supplements have today launched Muscle Pharm’s first real premixed formula in just the Zero version, as well as their second edible effort. Despite the store having the wrong image, Energy Sport Zero can now be purchased from A1 in cases of 12 for $26.95, with all three flavors to choose from power punch, citrus edge and onyx cherry. As for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Muscle Bar, that can also now be purchased in boxes of 12 for $29.95, although with only two of its three flavors to choose from, chocolate brownie and chocolate peanut butter. At the moment from what we can see no other location is listing the supplements, and before you ask, yes A1 do have the items in stock not just listed as coming soon.

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