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Rebranded Hydropure shown off bit by bit in Nutrabolic’s latest teaser

Nutrabolics Hydropure

Nutrabolics have continued to keep their upcoming rebranding as mysterious and vague as possible since the beginning, although things are now starting to unfold. After getting a sneak peek at the brand’s much more technological looking theme, it all started to get a bit more interesting as we finally got a look at one of Nutrabolics supplements in the new label. Today we’ve gone one step further as the brand have released a video giving us a colorful look at one of their updated products, which is in fact Hydropure. Throughout the entire 37 second clip you don’t really get a straight on look at what Nutrabolics are teasing, however you do get shots of the words “Hydro” and “Pure”, leading you to the brand’s current hydrolyzed protein powder. The video doesn’t seem to focus too much on the supplement’s formula or details, mainly just the upgraded packaging which does look like it definitely deserves the attention with raised print, foiled label and a gloss finish. At the end of the teaser Nutrabolics finish with the mention of May 2015, the month “stage 1” is said to be launched. You can check out the video below, although do keep in mind you are looking at a rendering, so the finished Hydropure probably isn’t going to be as glorious but still a lot better than most.

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