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AMPilean returns in 2 different versions, 1 of them Lecheek’s AMPilean Pink

Lecheek Nutrition AMPilean Pink

After AMP citrate got all the bad press that it did last year from a number of not so supplement driven outlets, a lot of brands dropped or reformulated their products that used the stimulant. One of those brands was Lecheek Nutrition who had a handful of supplements with AMP in them, which included the fat burner AMPilean. The product was pretty quickly removed from all areas and not heard of until earlier this year when the brand said the weight loss formula was on its way back. An image has now been released of an updated AMPilean, however there is a lot more to it than just your regular return. The actual name of the supplement pictured above is AMPilean Pink, a female version of the fat burner, painted pink and expected to have your typically less stimulating collection of ingredients. Of course AMPilean Pink isn’t where it ends for Lecheek as there is another variation of the product, we just don’t know anything about it yet. Based on the idea that there is only one more version, we’re thinking it’s either a regular AMPilean or possibly a much more intense formula much like Dexamine and Dexamine Black, and OxyTherm and OxyTherm Black. More information is definitely coming soon, as we are actually looking to do a Lecheek giveaway with the AMPileans going to be the prizes.

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