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Magnum’s protein powder Quattro rebranded and launched in three new flavors

Magnum's protein powder Quattro rebranded and launched in three new flavors

Over the past few months we’ve seen Magnum Nutraceuticals makeover almost everyone of their supplements, adding a bit more color and character to each product’s packaging. One of, if not the very last item Magnum have rebranded has today been unveiled with a little more than a much nicer look. The brand’s protein powder has been taken from black and blue to white and a bit of blue as you can see above, and has also had three new flavors added to its menu. The supplement’s two original options chocolate love and vanilla ice cream, have been joined by two more traditional recipes and one that has become more and more popular since Quest launched their protein. The common tastes are chocolate peanut butter addiction, and cookies n’ cream which Magnum have put a bit of a spin on calling their’s half baked cookies ‘n cream. Last but not least we have pure & simple, the brand’s zero flavor and sweetener effort. Fans concerned about the Quattro formula being changed in any way have no need to worry as only the look and menu have been altered. While Magnum stockists will all be getting the new tastes at different times. The brand have already added the three to their website for the usual direct price of $49.95 for a 2lb, with surprisingly no sign of a 4lb or confirmation if any of the flavors will be coming in the bigger size.

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