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Stack3d @ the ’15 Arnold, free cans of Muscle Pharm’s Energy Sport confirm contents

Stack3d @ the '15 Arnold, free cans of Muscle Pharm's Energy Sport confirm contents

Of all the brands here this weekend at the Arnold Classic Expo, Muscle Pharm as always has the biggest presence. With their brands all split up as per usual, Fitmiss, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series and Muscle Pharm themselves, each has their own booth. After visiting the brand’s main stand we were kindly given free cans of the Athlete Company’s premixed supplement previewed just last week, Energy Sport. Thanks to the freebies we can now confirm what’s in the ready-to-drink formulas, Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero. Packed into each can of the latest from Muscle Pharm we get in order taurine, CarnoSyn beta-alanine, green tea extract, l-theanine, niacin, glucuronolactone, vitamin B5, gurana, panax ginseng, vitamin B6 and 12, and detailed separately 120mg of caffeine. There are a few other things in between those ingredients, although the ones mentioned are the important features. It is also worth saying that list is from the zero sugar and calorie Energy Sport Zero not the regular Energy Sport, however from what we know the only difference is the other one has sugar with no change to the main set of ingredients.