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Exact differences between Muscle Pharm’s Energy Sports confirmed

Muscle Pharm Energy Sport Zero

Yesterday we got a closer look at one of Muscle Pharm’s upcoming products to be released on April 1st, with the edible Arnold Schwarzenegger Series supplement Muscle Bar. Today we have the same kind of thing but for the brand’s other April 1st item, or items if you’re counting Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero separately. We did get a bit of a close up to the Zero variant at the Arnold, giving you a short description of what we saw on our free can. This time around we’ve actually got digital copies of the Energy Sport facts panels, giving you a detailed look at the formulas, and answering the question about how different the Zero and regular versions really are. Basically just as we suspected all the main ingredients are the same from 160 calories to calorie free, keeping on features like CarnoSyn beta-alanine, taurine, green tea, theanine and of course caffeine at 120mg. The only difference is the carbohydrates where Energy Sport Zero has exactly as its title says, Zero, and the regular Energy Sport has 39g all made up of sugar. For those interested in their own look at the labels we have added them below, and expect to see both Energy Sports hitting Muscle Pharm stockists April 1st, or as we mentioned yesterday possibly a few days earlier at

Energy Sport Zero – Energy Sport

Muscle Pharm Energy Sport Zero

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