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Carnivor Brownie good, but not as good as MuscleMed’s original Carnivor Bar

MuscleMeds Carnivor Brownie review

One of the most memorable protein bars for us is without a doubt the beef bar from MuscleMeds, named after the brand’s flagship formula Carnivor Protein Bar. The product combines the closest thing to the real deal (chocolate) as you’ll find in the supplement industry, with a unique infusion of a thick chocolate chunk base and a flavor amplifying top. Based on our experience with MuscleMed’s high protein treat, we knew we had to try the brand’s second edible effort when it was unveiled, the more deliciously promoted Carnivor Brownie. While we knew its macros were not quite the same, we were definitely interested in finding out how good MuscleMeds really were at the protein bar game, especially with something like a brownie. Fortunately for us the brand had a deal at the Arnold Classic that we couldn’t turn down, resulting in today’s review of the 52g snack.

Once you unwrap the exciting looking product, you immediately know you’re in for something very different compared to the Carnivor Bar. The Brownie is relatively slim, although does make up for its lack in thickness by being a lot wider than expected. Moving on to that first bite of MuscleMed’s gourmet supplement, the consistency of it is reasonably soft with no solid chocolate chunks or layers, getting you as close as you can to a real brownie with an almost chocolate cake like mouthful. As much of a treat as the body of the Brownie is, the dense chocolate taste is made a whole lot sweeter thanks to the snack’s subtle but flavor packed chocolate scribbles across the top. Despite the Carnivor Brownie’s size, it is surprisingly filling and is one of those bars where it leaves its taste in your mouth forcing you to finish the thing quite quickly. Overall it is chocolate filled adventure, bringing together a bit of the original Carnivor Bar’s sweetness and the unfortunate texture of your traditional protein bar.

While the Carnivor Brownie’s nutrition facts do qualify it as a small treat, we have to say it doesn’t have that realistic chocolate bar flavor to it like its bigger brother. MuscleMed’s Carnivor Bar also has the upper hand in variety combining a little more than the one taste, as depending on which flavor you choose you get a delicious hit of peanut butter or cookies. If it came down to it we’d have to side with the Carnivor Bar, as the Brownie just isn’t as much of a gourmet alternative as we had hoped. It does offer a very different experience, however with only 15g of protein per Brownie you may want to spend that little bit extra on the larger MuscleMeds bar, which will give you twice the amount of protein and leave a better taste in your mouth. The main difference with the Carnivor Brownie that leaves us somewhat disappointed is that it’s got that traditional protein bar consistency and flavor, something we know the brand can do without as we saw with Carnivor Bar.

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