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Macros confirmed for Muscletech’s new Performance Series protein Micellar Whey

Macros confirmed for Muscletech's new Performance Series protein Micellar Whey

We’ve finally got a closer look at one of the four Muscletech supplements the brand are set to show off tomorrow at the Arnold Classic Expo. After reavling the fourth mystery product earlier this morning with the straightforward creatine formula Creactor, we’ve now got everything you need to know about Micellar Whey. Joining the supplement’s previously confirmed 25g of micellar whey protein per serving, we have 6g of carbohydrates (1g sugar and less than 1g fiber), 2g of fat (1.5g saturated), rounding out with a total of 140 calories. Those numbers are all based on the milk chocolate variant of Muscletech’s Micellar Whey, which is the only flavor we know of. As far as the menu actually goes we can’t imagine it ending at just chocolate based on all the options the brand have for other products, especially since chocolate is usually never done without vanilla. In the area of sizes unlike the protein’s menu, there is a good chance the previewed 25 serving 2lb is all we’re going to see, as Muscletech are no strangers to single size supplements. With all the Micellar Whey information now available, as well as details behind Creactor. Our focus moves to their launch and details on the brand’s other upcoming two Phosphamuscle and Hydroxycut Next Gen, both products we’ll probably get more on tomorrow.

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