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Mocha cappuccino Muscletech’s second celebratory Nitro-Tech flavor

Muscletech Nitro-Tech mocha cappuccino

Not too long after Muscletech announced the winner of their Nitro-Tech flavor war, seeing vanilla birthday cake take the cake, the brand said there would in fact be one more taste coming from the contest. For those that missed the Muscletech flavor war it was basically a voting competition much like what Optimum did last year for Gold Standard. It gave fans the chance to choose between strawberry sundae party, chocolate ├ęclair celebration, milestone mocha cappuccino and of course the winner, birthday cake. With three flavors left as possibilities we took a guess at which one Muscletech were likely to be producing, going with mocha cappuccino seeing as it is a taste Nitro-Tech doesn’t currently have anything similar to. It turns out we were spot on as mocha cappuccino is in fact the flavor fans of the brand are in for after the arrival of vanilla birthday cake. The month you can expect to see the second celebratory option become available is May, roughly one month after the launch of the Nitro-Tech war winner which is due to arrive sometime next month.

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