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Myprotein’s Impact Whey both dangerous in price and variety

Myprotein Impact Whey

Myprotein did already show just how dangerous they’re going to be with price two days ago when they launched their 100 serving Impact Whey at for $50. If that value wasn’t enough to scare some of the bigger brands out their competing for price, Myprotein have now confirmed something else that’s going to make them an even better choice compared to other cost-effective companies. If you’re a regular follower of Stack3d you will have seen numerous posts on brands like Scitec Nutrition and 4+ Nutrition, who have shown that European companies can get quite creative when it comes to flavoring. Myprotein is no exception to that rule especially for their popular protein powder Impact Whey, which in its original market can be found in more than 50 different tastes. Some of the unique options the supplement is known for include rum and raisin, strawberry jam roly poly, maple and pecan, and just for Christmas golden syrup and marzipan Christmas cake. Now knowing that Myprotein have more Impact Whey flavors than any other brand in the US for a single product, you’ll realize that their launch of five at on Tuesday was only a warm-up. Myprotein are indeed going to start populating their American menu with the current five options due to be joined by 14 more next month. A few of the recipes worth looking forward to in that group would be rhubarb and custard, orange and passion fruit and one we highlighted earlier, maple and pecan. Of the 14, 6 will be stevia flavored so their titles may not sound too different but they will definitely taste different. Flavors aren’t of course all Myprotein will be introducing in the coming months with more supplements also on the way as the brand build towards their promise of 1,200 different products.

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