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Australia’s UPS name their amino after Hybrid Nutrition’s Aminoade

Australia's UPS name their amino after Hybrid Nutrition's Aminoade

Australia’s UPS Protein have unveiled their second supplement confirmed as coming soon, the one previously known just by its category. In the brand’s recent sneak peek they unveiled the untitled product alongside their new mass protein 2XL Mass Gain, revealing only highlights of the formula such as its inclusion of electrolytes and 10g dose of BCAAs. We can now confirm that the title of the amino supplement is in fact Aminoade, a name UPS will be sharing with Hybrid Nutrition and their cocktail that launched around last year’s Olympia. While we are now one step closer to getting all the details on one of the brand’s latest innovations, we are still short a facts panel for the product. Fortunately UPS have made up for the lack of information dropping another highlight for Aminoade and a rough idea on when it will be available. Joining the list of electrolytes and 10g of BCAAs, the brand have said that ZMA will also be in the mix, and that the supplement will be rolling out in the next few days. Seeing as down under there are only two days left before the weekend, there is the chance Aminoade will go on sale before the week is out. The place to look out for the launch is likely to be the official UPS website, the same place the brand dropped their last two Beta Shred and Ultimate Male.

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