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Actv8 Shred first Hybrid Actv8 Series supplement unveiled

actv8 shred

Last week Hybrid Nutrition finally explained what exactly “Actv8” means to them. The brand had been teasing Actv8 over the past few weeks, with no explanation as to what it was just suggesting a number of things it could be related to. Hybrid’s Actv8 was eventually confirmed as a series and said to be bringing a whole lot of category named supplements. This week we have finally got a look at one of those new Hybrid products with Actv8 Shred. The formula is of course a fat burner coming in the slightly less traditional flavored form in the one taste pictured, desert punch. As interesting as Actv8 Shred’s one flavor sounds, its effects are where it gets a whole lot better. Instead of promoting the usual energy and thermogeneis, Hybrid promise quite the list of effects. Alongside the usual energy and thermogenesis Actv8 Shred also has mood enhancement, increased focus, appetite control and of course overall weight loss. Unfortunately we haven’t yet got a look at the facts panel behind Actv8 Shred where we would be able to see what Hybrid are relying on for all the supplement’s effects. We don’t actually imagine the label to be the next thing we see either as another Actv8 product is a lot more likely, possibly along the lines of Actv8 Energy, Actv8 Mass or Actv8 Power. Keeping with the popular categories and goals.

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