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Hybrid Actv8 confirmed as a new series of supplements

hybrid actv8

Hybrid Nutrition fans still left wondering what exactly Actv8 is, the thing the brand have been teasing over the past few weeks. Today we have a bit of an update for you going over all the minor details that we’ve been given. So far we’ve seen videos, images, short clips and everything in between, however nothing confirming exactly what Hybrid Actv8 is. Firstly it isn’t the name of any particular product, or for that matter any ingredient in a product. Hybrid Actv8 is in fact the name of the brand’s phase two set of supplements. While we haven’t got any titles of products or even categories, we do know the Actv8 Series will be much like BPI’s Best formulas and Muscletech’s SX-7 Series. By that we don’t mean the areas those supplements compete in, but the naming convention used by the two. Hybrid will be calling those in the Actv8 Series things like Actv8 Cut, Actv8 Build, Actv8 Energy and so on, where the goal of each item is in its name. As many questions as the Hybrid Actv8 confirmation answers, it does leave behind just as much with the direction, categories and quality of the line all being interesting topics. Fortunately the brand aren’t going to keep us in suspense as long as they have been with an announcement coming next week confirming and revealing a lot more information.

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