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Custom AI Cyclone Cup available in 8 different colors

ai cyclone cup

Despite most of the news coming from AI Sports in the past few months being about new supplements and great direct deals. The brand do have a selection of clothing and accessories as seen in their online Swag section. Some of the custom items that can be found in there include tees, tanks, bags and hats. Also in the mix is an AI Blender Bottle which has now been joined by another branded shaker with an AI Cyclone Cup. The brand have got together with the well known shaker cup company Cyclone and labeled eight different colors of the Cyclone Cup with their logo. The complete list of options is black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. While there are eight on offer at the moment, AI do have 10 pictured with the other two that aren’t available yet being cyan and green. The price on the new AI Cyclone Cup is $13.99 which is almost twice the price of the brand’s custom Blender Bottle, however keep in mind you are getting a higher end product.

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