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Amino1 Black is Muscle Pharm’s caffeinated cocktail

amino1 black

It was only just last week that we got our first look at Amino1 Black, 1 of 5 supplements in Muscle Pharm’s upcoming Black Label Series. Based on its bottle description of “energy + recovery” we took a guess and said it was likely the brand were going to jump on the caffeinated amino trend. Since the original Amino1 was already quite packed and it didn’t promote energy as highly as Amino1 Black, caffeine and a few other ingredients were our best guesses at what would be added in on top. Today we actually have the facts panel behind Amino1 Black, confirming just how correct we were. Firstly Amino1 Black does of course borrow some things from the Hybrid Series Amino1 such as 3g of 3:1:2 BCAAs, glycine, taurine and coconut water powder. Muscle Pharm have left out most of the product’s hydration and cellular energy blend features which includes carnitine, citrulline, CoQ10 and a few others. While almost every one of Amino1 Black’s contents outside of the energy ingredients are from Amino1, you can look forward to one new feature in Amino1 Black with glutamine dosed at 3g.

Moving on to what’s going to back up Muscle Pharm’s promise of energy in Amino1 Black. As expected the brand have of course included caffeine at a calm 100mg per serving. Also taking a page out of Scivation’s book there are three other features in the supplement’s energy blend. Joining caffeine we have 50mg each of green tea and panax ginseng, and 25mg of the ingredient we just saw used in OxySport Black at 100mg, TeaCrine theacrine. As surprising as it was to see such a recent ingredient like TeaCrine show up in OxySport Black on Monday, it is even more surprising to see Muscle Pharm be the first brand to use the extended energy feature in an amino. As always we have added the facts panel of today’s featured product Amino1 Black down below, where you can see each of its ingredient individually dosed. On every other occasion we have been saying look out for the Black Label Series May 1st, however after seeing Combat Black go on sale this morning there is a chance Amino1 Black also beats the deadline.

Muscle Pharm Amino1 Black facts panel

amino1 black facts panel

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