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Xtend Go combines Scivation’s regular Xtend with a 400mg proprietary

8 years ago
Xtend Go combines Scivation's regular Xtend with a 400mg proprietary

It was just two days ago that Scivation confirmed the coming of their fourth Xtend spin off, with the energy + BCAA formula Xtend Go. The brand did only release an image of the supplement, listing the usual 7g dose of BCAAs and a fruit punch flavor, with no hints at what their interpretation of energy was going to be. Today we’ve actually got the official facts panel of Xtend Go, revealing Scivation’s added 400mg proprietary blend. Compared to the regular Xtend the Go version features all the same ingredients at the exact same doses, right from the 3.5g of leucine all the way down to the 1g of citrulline malate (1:1). As for the complex the brand have thrown in on top, fans are going to be energized by four different features, theanine, 100mg of caffeine, sceletium tortuosum and ubiquinol. In terms of flavors, as seen the other day fruit punch was the only taste we knew of, however details of a second option have come in confirming mango nectar for Xtend Go’s menu. For a closer look at the formula we have added its facts panel below, where you can also see that the product packs a total of 30 servings. That doesn’t quite give us an exact figure but a slight idea as to what price Scivation may put on Xtend Go, due to the fact that it is identical to the regular 30 serving Xtend with just the added cost of the 400mg blend.

Xtend Go combines Scivation's regular Xtend with a 400mg proprietary
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