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Aminolution Body Nutrition’s entry into the competitive amino market


At a time where most brands are getting into or putting together a second supplement for the caffeinated amino market, Body Nutrition have decided it is now time to just get in the game. Today the brand have unveiled their upcoming effort Aminolution, a product promoting all the things you like to see in an amino cocktail. While we don’t yet have a look at the back of the supplement confirming the exact contents of Aminolution, it does list quite a few promising features right on the front. According to Body Nutrition’s highlights the product packs a 12g blend of BCAAs and EAAs, glutamine, B vitamins and an electrolyte blend. Outside of those facts we don’t know much else about the formula, although to be honest that mix is good enough as it is so long as the brand haven’t unfairly packed their amino blend. Looking at the menu, for now it seems fans will only have the one flavor to choose from as seen in the picture above, with the common fruity recipe green apple. We won’t be surprised if there is in fact another taste lined up to make it two, as if green apple is all Body Nutrition have Aminolution will be their only two flavor supplement. We don’t expect this one to take too long to go from reveal to release, especially after last year seeing the brand’s pre-workout Mad Dog launched without any kind of heads up.

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