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FDA issues 13 warning letters about AMP citrate

amp citrate ban

Following on from this morning’s post about how iForce Hemavol Max fans may have to be on the look out. We’ve got some more bad news, this time in regards to an ingredient we thought was on its way back. After last year’s scare of AMP citrate getting the boot, it seems the last little push to get brands away from the ingredient has arrived. A few days ago much like what happened with DMAA a while back, the FDA issued warning letters to companies producing AMP citrate containing supplements. You can see all 13 letters on the FDA’s website which includes warnings for Nutrex, Prime Nutrition, Blackstone Labs, Genomyx and Lecheek Nutrition. It is worth mentioning that some of the brands on that list and the products they’re being warned about are no longer in production. In the case of Lecheek both AMPitropin and the original AMPilean have been dropped. In saying that some makers of AMP citrate supplements are not on that list, although don’t think this won’t affect them. If you’re left wondering what all this means, basically the AMP citrate products currently available are probably going to be discontinued or reformulated now that letters like this are going out. For fans of pre-workouts or fat burners using AMP citrate it would be wise to stock up while you can otherwise get used to something else.