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iForce Hemavol Max not okay according to Ron Kramer

iforce hemavol max

iForce Hemavol Max or HemaV02 whatever you want to call it, originally dropped in early February hitting places like Muscle & Strength and Mass Nutrition. It didn’t launch at the major online retailer, and actually doesn’t look like it ever will. While the average consumer may just see supplements as a way to better health, performance and so on. A lot goes on in the background, especially when it comes to patented innovations and specific ingredients. To simplify things as much as possible for today’s topic, if a product has nitrates and amino acids in it there is a good chance it’s infringing on Thermolife’s patents. One of the names behind that brand is Ron Kramer who recently dropped a comment in a forum post. In it Kramer goes on to talk about how “they (iForce) use/steal ingredients and technology invented and patented by ThermoLife”. Usually something like this wouldn’t spill over and affect the public/regular consumer, however this time around it has. Not only has Kramer said iForce have stolen their technology but also that Hemavol Max will never be sold by Again usually we wouldn’t bring this kind of stuff up but the trend of dropping the supplement is spreading, in turn affecting consumers. One of the first places to release iForce Hemavol Max Mass Nutrition, has joined and removed the product. There are still a lot of locations selling the supplement such as Muscle & Strength, All Star Health and Get Supps, although the question is now for how much longer.

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