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AMPilean Pink shares very little with Lecheek’s AMPilean Black

ampilean pink

Just yesterday the formula behind Lecheek Nutrition’s resurrected AMPilean Black was released, revealing a bit of a stimulant packed line up. Not only did the product feature the usual caffeine but it also confirmed di-caffeine malate, rauwolfia (alpha yohimbine) and Pikatropin. For those that have been following along, you will know Lecheek do have more than just the one AMPilean lined up. The other version is of course the female marketed fat burner AMPilean Pink, which like yesterday for AMPilean Black today we have the facts panel for you. Looking at the two formulas side by side, Lecheek have shared some features as well as kept the limit on amount of ingredients at seven for both. Borrowed from AMPilean Black, AMPilean Pink packs di-caffeine malate, dandelion root and octopamine HCl. The other four rounding out the supplement are green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, BioPerine black pepper, and the relatively surprising feature hydrolyzed bovine collagen powder. As you can tell from the list and see in the facts panel below, Lecheek have focused on a few different things for AMPilean Pink. This is something that can also be seen in the effects each product promotes with AMPilean Black listing burn fat, intense energy and shed water. Compared to AMPilean Pink’s metabolism boost, skin care and the only one similar, reduce water weight. Unfortunately we still don’t have an exact date for when the AMPileans will go on sale, however we don’t imagine Lecheek releasing one without the other. Based on that when ever AMPilean Pink drops you should at least be able to count on Black following soon after and vice versa.

Lecheek AMPilean Pink label

ampilean pink label

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