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ANS Amino HP follows suit with another trial size at

amino hp

When launched ANS Performance’s new Amino HP, if you were like us you may have noticed something was missing. It wasn’t any the flavors of the supplement, as it did go on sale in its promised three icy blue razz, pineapple punch and wicked watermelon. Where ANS Amino HP was in fact lacking was its different sizes. Keep mind up until now we hadn’t seen an image of anything smaller or bigger than the product’s full size 30 serving tub. That being said do have a trial size bottle for every release of ANS since the arrival of Ritual, except for the complex creatine formula CreXcel. The pump powder Dilate, our #1 flavored fat burner Diablo, the hit pre-workout Ritual, and now of course as you might have seen coming, Amino HP also has a trial size. If you head on over to today you will notice there is more than just the 360g 30 serving tub to choose from, as there is also now a 60g. Like Dilate and Ritual, the significantly smaller Amino HP packs 5 servings with only one flavor on the menu in wicked watermelon. As per usual it is better value to go with the larger option, however if it is a supplement you may just want to try out’s $6.99 is a whole lot nicer than the full $29.99.

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