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Black Market Aminos added online but not for sale

black market aminos

The Black Market Aminos were officially detailed a little more than two weeks ago when we finally got a look at the formulas behind the long-awaited supplements. Both Amino Bulk and Amino Cuts were confirmed to be just as expected, amino products combining bulk ingredients like AdreNOlyn Bulk and fat burning ingredients like AdreNOlyn Cuts. It was back then when we got confirmation of the two Black Market Aminos that we got two launch dates for the duo, the first being Monday April the 6th and the second Monday April the 13th. Today looking at the brand’s website they did obviously run into some issues as they don’t yet have Amino Bulk or Cuts available for purchase, missing the first of two release dates. Fortunately Black Market haven’t left fans empty-handed, as if you visit their site you will see that the two supplements have now got their own product pages. They don’t appear to be finished with some of the links not going anywhere, however they do give you a short description of each item’s intentions and features. It is there where you can also see the regular price Black Market have set for their Aminos, valuing them both at $59.99. While that is quite expensive for an amino, keep in mind these are costs direct from the brand and are not likely to be what you’ll be paying in stores. To see all the information uploaded so far you can visit the Black Market Aminos section at, and if you see something you like tune in next Monday for the brand’s backup launch date.

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