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BPI teaser #2 asks who stole from the Funnbar jar?

bpi funnbar

BPI Sports have been known for some pretty interesting teaser campaigns from time to time. When it comes to the small details, the brand are not afraid to drop them one by one, getting us as well as probably quite a few others slowly and painfully excited. Yesterday BPI’s Funnbar appeared to have started another interesting build up that was shared across BPI’s own page. It was an image that started it all featuring an eclipse in the shape of a peanut butter cup, with the words “big event coming soon…”. While right away you’re thinking chocolate peanut butter or peanut butter Funnbar because of the shape, the words certainly suggested something else or at least something more. Today Funnbar have dropped yet another picture that’s also been shared by BPI, which actually looks like it’s hinting at something else entirely. The most recent teaser comes with the line “who stole the FunnBar from the Funnbar jar?”, and an image of what looks to be cookie bits tying in with the words. As mentioned earlier BPI do put together some vague build up campaigns, and this is most certainly another one of them. Initially we were thinking peanut butter Funnbar, now with the addition of a second picture we’re also wondering if a different kind of product is on the way or possibly some sort of big event giveaway. At this rate more details or clues should be coming quickly, with something expected tomorrow after seeing two teasers two days running.

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