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Best place to buy C4 Mass or Ripped now Campus Protein

buy C4 mass

Previously you could only pre-order from GNC, not actually buy C4 Mass and/or C4 Ripped. While originally they were priced at $59.99 or $53.99 for Gold Card holders, now that you can actually purchase Cellucor’s new C4s and have them shipped straightaway they’ve been dropped down to $53.99 and $44.99. With a cost difference that big it could be quite tempting, however if you’d rather buy C4 Mass or C4 Ripped for the best price the place to go now is actually Campus Protein. Just this week the store have shown up with both Cellucor supplements carrying a regular cost far cheaper than that of GNC’s usual or Gold Card values. Basically Campus customers can buy C4 Mass or C4 Ripped for the same as what GNC charge for the regular G4 Series pre-workout C4 Extreme at $39.99. The only real reason you have to grab any of the new Cellucor C4s from GNC would be for C4 Mass, as they do have one more flavor available than Campus with pink lemonade. Even if you are a person who goes for taste, we can’t imagine there being many people who would spend any extra money just so they could have pink lemonade. Either way Campus Protein is now the best place to buy C4 Mass or C4 Ripped even with GNC down from their pre-order pricing.

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