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Cellucor C4 Mass & Ripped priced at $59.99

cellucor c4 mass

Earlier this week we got a hold of the facts panels behind Cellucor’s two new pre-workout supplement, the G4 Series C4 Mass and C4 Ripped. The significantly larger formula Cellucor C4 Mass basically turned out as some expected, combining the brand’s discontinued creatine product M5 Reloaded with the regular version of C4. As for C4 Ripped things were a little more surprising as the brand decided to drop a few ingredients including TeaCor theacrine as seen in all the other C4s, and fill in the gaps with a few other fat burning features. Not too long after we posted the details on Cellucor C4 Mass and Ripped the two actually went online at GNC and are now available for order. We did post about the semi-launch the day it happened, although figured some might have missed the news. The catch with the release is that they are as mentioned only available for order, and according to GNC’s website won’t be shipping for at least another one to two weeks. The most important fact that has come out of this is of course the confirmation of price which sees both Cellucor C4 Mass and Ripped valued at $59.99. The cost sits right where you would imagine, in between the more powerfully dosed C4 50x at $69.99 and the regular C4 at $39.99. As per usual you can save a bit of money, with a GNC Gold Card dropping the duo down to $53.99 each. Neither is more cost-effective than the other as both will give you the same amount of servings for your money, their flavors however are a little different. Those looking at Cellucor C4 Mass you have three tastes to choose from, fruit punch, blue razz and pink lemonade and for C4 Ripped fruit punch and cherry limeade. You can head on over to GNC today and check out the two products for yourself, and if you’re interested order Mass and/or Ripped in preparation for then they arrive later this month.

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