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Cannibal Inferno AMPed also on its way back

cannibal inferno AMPed

Following on from Chaos and Pain’s launch of their AMP citrate resurrected pre-workout Cannibal Ferox AMPed. The top five brand of 2014 have confirmed that their fat burner is also going to get the same treatment, with Cannibal Inferno AMPed. Whether or not it’s due to the short success of Ferox AMPed which only launched a few weeks ago, Chaos and Pain’s amp citrate infused weight loss solution has officially been confirmed as on its way back to join the pre-workout. The original was initially taken down the same time as the AMP citrate Ferox around November last year, where we saw reformulated editions almost immediately take their place. Being that the news has just come in, we unfortunately don’t know how close to the previous version the brand are going to get. It almost goes without saying that Chaos and Pain will remove at least one ingredient for Cannibal Inferno AMPed, especially since it is expected to have the same intentions behind it as Ferox AMPed. For those wondering what that means, the brand only put AMP back into their pre-workout as they decided to use the stimulant in an international edition. As well as giving it to fans overseas, Chaos and Pain also thought it would be a good idea to sell the AMPed product direct from their own website offering up the supplement to fans here in the US. Because it had international intentions yohimbine was removed, something we’re also likely going to see dropped from the old AMP Cannibal Inferno. Confirmation on all the details should be coming in soon, although if you would like somewhat of a taste of AMP citrate. We do have four tubs of Chaos and Pain’s Ferox AMPed up for grabs this weekend, a nice introduction to what Cannibal Inferno AMPed will be like.

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